Cattle Herds Risk `Liquidation' as Canada Hay Costs Double … – Bloomberg

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Boy, 7, dies after attack by cow – NL Times

A 7-year-old boy died on Monday after being attacked by a cow on small campsite De Koehoorn in the Zeeland village of Meliskerke, the police said on Twitter.

Emergency services responded to the campsite, which is located on a farm, en masse. But their attempts to save the boy was in vain. He died at the scene. Bystanders were offered victim assistance. 

The child is the son of the campsite’s owner, according to newspaper AD. A bystander told the newspaper that the boy was helping to get the cows out of the pasture so that they can be milked. A spokesperson for the police said that what happened is not yet clear. “We are investigating that”, the spokesperson said. 

Cows rarely attack people, veterinarian Mark de Vijver said to the newspaper. “Bulls do that, every year someone dies in that way in our country. But a cow, that is exceptional. They rarely attack out of aggression, and certainly not a child of seven years”, he said. He therefore believes what happened was an accident. “A cow can scare, and then make an unexpected move or jump. If such an animal ends up on top of you, that can have serious consequences. 

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ROLLOVER CHAOS: Cow charges at woman following truck crash – Chronicle

A TOOWOOMBA woman has said a cow charged at her following a truck rollover on Monday evening.

Micayla Aitken was heading home just before 5pm when a truck heading along Cohoe St rolled at the corner with James St.

Several cattle escaped from the truck after the rollover.

Micayla Aitken speaks to the media after her car was rammed by a cow following a truck rollover of August 20, 2018.

Micayla Aitken speaks to the media after her car was rammed by a cow following a truck rollover of August 20, 2018. Kevin Farmer

"There was a rollover here with a cattle truck and we were escorted off into a complex," Ms Aitken said.

"I was trying to help an old lady who was putting groceries in her car, and as I tried to move her a cow charged at me.

"It stood on my foot and then bolted up the street."

Ms Aitken said she saw the bodies of a number of cows who did not survive the crash.

"My dad's a cattle farmer, so I know what to expect with those big things coming at you," she said.

"I was more concerned about the elderly lady than myself."

Ms Aitken said the cow also broke her car's tail light.

"The cows aren't happy," she said.

"My foot's okay, a bit swollen, but all good."

She said she had heard a cow also charged at an elderly man following the crash.

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Doja Cat's cow anthem 'Mooo!' is the song and meme of the summer – Mashable

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Doja Cat's cow anthem 'Mooo!' is the song and meme of the summer
Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

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How a Welsh farmer's luxury handbags are wowing London's yummy mummies – WalesOnline

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How a Welsh farmer's luxury handbags are wowing London's yummy mummies
It's a six-month process to turn cattle hide into the raw material for handbags, rugs or furniture (£170 will buy you a British hide and handcrafted steel stool, and there's a £600 blonde leather chair on her website). They're the kind of products you

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9 dairy products you can still have if you're lactose intolerant – INSIDER

7 — Cheddar
You’re OK eating cheddar if you’re lactose intolerant.
Brent Hoffacker/ Shutterstock

Dairy products can provide our diet with the essential calcium and protein we need, but it’s important to acknowledge that those with a lactose intolerance can’t necessarily consume milk, ice cream, or yogurt products, as they could cause gastrointestinal issues like cramping, unwanted gas, and diarrhea.

But if you are wondering what exactly causes a lactose intolerance, registered dietitian Jennifer Masson, M.A., RD, LDN, explained that lactose is a type of sugar naturally occurring in dairy products. Lactose intolerance, she said, usually is caused when a person has a deficiency of lactase, the enzyme that helps break down lactose so the body can absorb it. A lactose intolerance can occur at any age, she suggested and can be pretty frustrating to deal with.

Masson also suggested, however, that there are lactose-free dairy products available that can be safely consumed by those experiencing a lactose intolerance. She said products where the lactose is pre-digested, for example, can be safe for consumption.

To see what other kinds of dairy products you can consume if you’re lactose intolerant, we spoke to Masson and other nutrition experts about some food choices you’ll definitely want to add to your routine. Here are some of the foods they recommend keeping in mind.

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Cow Tipping: Aug 17th Update – Wanting Wantz – Halo's Heaven

Affiliate Teams (from AAA to Rookie):

Note: I won’t be showing the “duds” for the rookie leagues unless they are top prospects or top draft picks. A lot of the guys in the rookie leagues are young and adjusting to pro ball. Many of them never make it past rookie ball, and even the truly gifted ones can have bad weeks, months, etc.

* Player is in the top 20 on the Halos Heaven top prospects list

AZL Angels
14-30 (through 8/16)
Tempe, AZ
Level = Rookie, Arizona League

Parker Joe Robinson (RHP, 23), has allowed only 1 ER in 18 innings this year. He also boasts a .180 BAA and 0.67 WHIP. His dad pitched for the Angels in 1991 and Robinson recently change to a side arm delivery last season.

Chase Adkins (RHP, 23), one of many undrafted free agents the Angels nabbed this summer, Adkins hasn’t given up a run since July 19th over 8.2 innings and 6 relief appearances. He’s also struck out 7 and allowed only 3 hits and a walk during those games.

Michael Stefanic (2B, 22), recently signed as a free agent, Stefanic has started with a tear, hitting .417 with a .500 OBP through 8 games. He also has a triple, 4 walks, and only 2 Ks. For Westmont college, Stefanic had a .363 career AVG with 4 gold gloves.

DSL Angels
20-44 (through 8/16)
Dominican Republic
Level = Rookie, Dominican Summer League

Kelvin Moncion (LHP, 19), has allowed only 1 run in his last 3 starts and 9 innings. The 19 year old also has struck out 9 and allowed only 2 walks in those starts.

Samuel Perez (LHP, 18), allowed only 1 run over his last 8 appearances. In those 17.2 innings, he has struck out 23 and given up just 1 walk.

Orem Owlz
16-40 (though 8/16)
Orem, Utah
Level = Rookie, Pioneer League

Moving Up:

Aug 1 – Jordyn Adams (OF, 18), 1st round pick Adams is hitting quite a bit better than he did in Arizona (altitude helps some ), and has a .314 AVG along with a .375 OBP for Orem through 9 games.

Aug 1 – Jeremiah Jackson (SS, 18), 2nd round pick, in 10 games for Orem he’s only hitting .238 but has a home runs and 3 triples.

Aug 1 – D’Shawn Knowles (OF, 17), is having a great time in Orem through 10 games. He’s hitting .432 with a .523 OBP. Even in the Pioneer League those are impressive stats. He also has 2 home runs.


Livian Soto (SS, 18), has improved from his slow start and is hitting .273 with 8 walks and 5 Ks over his last 10 games. On the season he has more walks (21) than Ks (17).

Kevin Maitan (SS, 18), is 7 for his last 15 and is hitting .318 with a home run over his last 10 games. He’s made 26 errors in 41 games in the field at 3rd and shortstop.

Nonie Williams (OF, 20), has been struggling this year but in the month of August he’s hitting .281 with a .385 OBP. Word is he made an adjustment to his swing that’s been helping.

Cole Duensing (RHP, 20), has had only 2 good starts out of his 11 games this year. He’s sporting an 11.68 ERA and 2.94 WHIP along with a .394 BAA

(2018 9th round) Jake Lee (RHP, 23), Has only walked 3 batters to his 23 Ks this season in 19.2 total innings.

(2018 8th round) Tyler Smith (RHP, 22), Smith has allowed 6 runs over his last 10 appearances for a 3.58 ERA. He has struck out 18 and walked 10 in those 15.1 innings.

(2018 10th round) Ben Morrison (RHP, 23), in his last 7 appearances and 7.1 innings, Morrison hasn’t allowed a run and also struck out 8 to just 1 walk.

Note: Among qualified pitchers, Orem has 3 of the top 8 guys with the most walks allowed and 4 of the top 12. They lead the pioneer league in walks and WHIP.

Burlington Bees
46-73 (through 8/16)
Burlington, Iowa
Level = A, Midwest League

Moving Up:

(2018 7th round) Andrew Wantz (RHP, 22), has a spectacular 1.98 ERA and .184 BAA since moving up. He’s thrown 13.2 innings with an insane 29 Ks. That’s 29Ks out of his 41 outs recorded.

(2018 6th round) Austin Warren (RHP, 22), has thrown 18 inning sine moving up and hs a 3.50 ERA with a 1.11 WHIP. He has struck out 24 to just 4 walks.


Eduardo Del Rosario (RHP, 23), in his last 16.2 innings he has a 1.62 ERA with 28 Ks.

Austin Krzeminski (RHP, 21), has started 2 games this year including his last appearance of 5 shutout innings and only 1 hit allowed. Over his last 14.1 innings he has a 0.64 ERA with 15 Ks.

Mayky Perez (RHP, 21), has been VERY hard to hit with a 0.080 BAA this season and not a single run allowed over his last 8.2 innings. He also has a 1.08 ERA over his last 10 games with 3 hits allowed and 23 Ks.

Keinner Pina (C, 21), is .316 over his past 10 games. He has thrown out an insane 49% of runners this year.


Inland Empire 66ers
63-60 (through 8/16)
San Bernardino, CA
Level = A+, California League

Moving Up:

Aug 15 – Torii Hunter (OF, 22), hasn’t played a game year for IE at the time of this writing so keep an eye on their boxscores to see how he is doing!

Aug 1 – Bernabe Camargo (SS, 22), since moving up, Camargo is hitting .323 with a .421 OBP. He jumped up from rookie ball, skipping over A – possibly thanks to Connor Justus vacating the SS position to move up to Mobile.


Jorge Tavarez (RHP, 22), This dude has been very impressive for IE and now has a 1.82 ERA in 24.2 innings. He also has a 1.14 WHIP and 26 Ks this season.

Brett Hanewich (RHP, 23), in his 21 games for IE he has a 1.96 ERA and .184 BAA. He has 21 Ks over his last 10 appearances and 15.2 innings as well.

Dave MacKinnon (1B, 23), has 3 home runs and a .333 AVG over his past 10 games. He also has 9 walks to his 7 Ks.


Brandon Marsh (OF, 20), Marsh is only hitting .233 over his past 10 games with 8 Ks and only 3 walks. He also has 2 home runs over that span. He’s been striking out about 30% of the time this year.

Mobile BayBears
60-60 (through 8/16)
Mobile, Alabama
Level = AA, Southern League

Moving Up:

Aug 16 – Patrick Sandoval (LHP, 21), since joining the Angels org he’s thrown 19.1 innings across two levels and hasn’t allowed a single run. He also has 27 Ks in those 4 starts. Thanks Houston!

Aug 14 – Alexis Olmeda (C, 24), is 0 for 3 for Mobile but hitting .333 over his past 10 games with 3 home runs.

Aug 14 – Jack Kruger (C, 23), just landed on the 7 day DL but was hitting .341 over his last 10 games.

Aug 14 – Connor Justus (SS, 23) is back in AA after starting the season there and spending time playing for IE. He’s 1 for 10 since returning to Mobile.

Jul 30 – Jo Adell (OF, 19), yeah this guy is only 19 years old and he’s on his way to the play in the Futures Game on Sunday. He’s hitting .275 with a home run and 12 RBIs over his past 10 games and .318 with 17 home runs across two levels this year.


Brandon Sandoval (OF, 23), has a .375 AVG and 4 stolen bases over his last 10 game.

Brennon Lund (OF, 23), is currently on the DL but was hitting .333 in his 10 games prior.

Zach Gibbons (OF, 24), has a .342 average over his last 10 games with 6 RBIs, 3 walks, and 5 Ks.

Matt Custred (RHP, 24), in his last 6 appearances, he’s tossed 7.2 innings and hasn’t allowed a run. He also stuck out 8.


Jahmai Jones* (2B, 20), Jones is hitting .256 with a .340 OBP for Mobile. He has a home run and 3 stolen bases over his last 10 games.

Salt Lake Bees
65-58 (through 8/16)
Salt Lake City, Utah
Level = AAA, Pacific Coast League

Moving Up:

July 28 – Bo Way (OF, 26), in 18 games for Salt Lake is hitting .317 with a .358 OBP. He also has 4 stolen bases.


Jared Walsh (1B, 24), is hitting .333 over his last 10 games with 1 home run and 14 RBIs.

Jeremy Rhoades (RHP, 25), has a scoreless streak that dates back to July 18th and runs for 18.2 innings.

Jose Miguel Fernandez (1B, 30), for Salt Lake he’s hitting .333 over his last 10 games with a home run.

Luis Rengifo (SS, 21), since joining Salt Lake, he’s hitting .294 with a .366 OBP. He has a .324 AVG over his past 10 games with 7 walks, 7 Ks, and 3 stolen bases. He has stole 41 bases this year and has 65 walks to just 58 Ks.


Griffin Canning (RHP, 21), Canning been pitching a bit better but is still working out the kinks. He has a 4.30 ERA over his last 5 starts – much better than his 6.29 overall ERA with Salt Lake this year.

Matt Thaiss* (1B, 23), is 0 for his last 11 and is hitting .200 his last 10 games. He still holds a .272 AVG on the season.

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The 20 most fashionable places to holiday this year – The Times

1 Hula Hula Hvar, Croatia
Europe’s hot influencers are at the beach clubs of Hvar again this summer, especially at Hula Hula Hvar (, where there’s dancing on the sand until dawn, and at Carpe Diem Beach (, on its own island, with free boat taxis. You don’t stay there, though. You charter a luxury gulet ( and head for the coast’s secret coves and islands when the champagne-spraying gets too much.

Pretty island neighbour Vis might filch the limelight this year, as the film location of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. It has the perfect beach club for sundowners, the Fort George (

2 Shipwreck Lodge, Namibia

Shipwreck Lodge, Namibia

Just look at this place. On the Skeleton Coast, Shipwreck Lodge’s ten chalets really do resemble shipwrecks wedged…

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This Song About Being a Cow Is the Worthy Successor to the “In My Feelings” Challenge – Slate Magazine

Doja Cat stands in a cow costume in front of a background imitating a cow's spots.

Doja Cat stands in a cow costume in front of a background imitating a cow's spots.


Still taken from the video

Doja Cat has been releasing music for about five years now, but perhaps her most mainstream claim to fame is a throwaway song about playacting as a cow. (Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming either.) Last week, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter-rapper posted a short clip on Twitter and Instagram in which she dances in a cow costume and quite literally moos over some swelling harmonies and jazz guitar. The clip went viral, and days later Doja posted the full video for the song, “Mooo,” to her fans’ udder delight.

(The video is a tad NSFW, thanks to a close-up on a pair of anime breasts that repeats in the background.)

The premise of the song may rightfully strike some as a little silly, but the soothing Wes Montgomery sample and crooning moos settle easily on the ears, while the bovine puns and odes to the romance of rural life are earnest and hilarious. The repeated line “Bitch I’m a cow” is, of course, the centerpiece, a statement of pleasure or empowerment, depending on how you wish to interpret it. Near the end, past hits and nursery rhymes are repurposed for the farm, with Doja mashing up lyrics from “Slob On My Knob” with “Old MacDonald” and delivering cow-themed renditions of “Milkshake” and “Move Bitch.”

The song drew praise from the likes of Missy Elliott and Chance the Rapper and inspired a slew of Twitter memes, as listeners realized they couldn’t get the song’s lulling chant of “Bitch I’m a cow” out of their heads. Many also pitted Doja against Nicki Minaj, noting that the popularity of “Mooo” threatened to overshadow that of the release of Minaj’s latest album, Queen. But the most fun part of the whole affair is the homemade video, featuring green-screen pastures, cows and spot patterns, and burgers, both real and GIF’d. According to the creator herself, the song and video were made on a whim, inspired by one of her tour costumes and thrown together in her room in less than 12 hours.

The video’s virality inspired Doja Cat to get a #MOOchallenge going, designed for fans to show off their—you guessed it—mooooooves, following in the tradition of rap-song memes of recent years, from the mannequin challenge to Drake’s prominent “In My Feelings” challenge. (No celebrities have done it yet, but it’s a matter of time.) It’s a wholesome success story for the type of home-video creativity most internet babies have been guilty of at some point or another.

As improbable-seeming as the song’s success and quality are, they shouldn’t surprise anyone, since Doja Cat is an extremely talented artist who also released an album earlier this year. It’s not her first song made for humor’s sake either—as she told the Fader, she figured the GameCube theme-sampling “Nintendhoe” would become the actual hit. Undoubtedly, many are digging through Doja Cat’s discography for the first time as “Mooo,” already a phenomenon, seems poised for further recognition. For those just now discovering her, a viral introduction is better than none at all.

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In The Cattle Markets: Lots of Down-Side Risk Ahead – Drovers Magazine

Labor Day is upon us, at least from the perspective of retailers needing to secure beef volume for sales and featuring. The beef complex look ready to drift lower as, after this holiday, the seasonality in demand will wain and the seasonality in production will continue to escalate.  Slaughter weights have continued their increases during the summer and will likely continue into the fall until the peak around October. The volume of cattle on feed over 90 and over 120 days continue to the high compared to last year and prior years. Fed cattle marketing were strong through June as revealed by the last month’s Cattle on Feed report and appear to be strong through July – especially heifers – as revealed by July’s weekly Livestock Slaughter reports.  There does not appear to be an emerging problem with supplies but the steady seasonal increase in beef volume will continue. We have also seen strong volumes of beef cow slaughter through this summer in response to the drought in the southern plains. As a consequence, hamburger prices were very weak through the summer. Perhaps this slaughter will moderate during the fall calf run. But improvements in hamburger prices are unlikely with the prospective increases in beef trimming volumes.

Events in substitute meat markets and trade demand also appear unlikely to provide substantial relief for beef prices. Pork production will be up a solid 5% this coming fourth quarter with consumption up a likely 2.5%. Poultry production and consumption are forecasted to be up moderately but the main word to focus on is, “up” from the prior year. Beef exports have been solid through the summer and if they continue through the fall then this could result in about an additional 40 million pounds per month removed from the domestic markets this year compared to last. This is a little less than 2% of typical monthly production during fourth quarter months.  Forecasts of beef production during the fourth quarter are to be up better than 3%.

In the end, there appears to be a lot of sources of downside risk and little potential for improved prices.

The Markets

The bullish signals from last month are at an end. Aggressive sales are warranted with multiple sell signals in all feeder cattle contracts. All of the fall feeder cattle contracts rallied through much of the summer and have run into resistance established last February. Further, any trend line established through the summer rally is now broken. Thus, resistance held and any up-trend was broken: sell and sell. On top of that, October and November show textbook head and shoulders top patterns. Live cattle do not reveal as decisive signals. October and December have rallied the last two months off of lows established in May.  $112 looks like hard resistance for October and $116 for December. Volatility this past summer doesn’t allow for a clean textbook up-trend but, if there is one, it’s not broken yet. The next week or two will tell.

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