Coco the cow hops fence, evades capture: 'I've never had one do that' – National Post

CONCEPTION BAY SOUTH, N.L. — A Newfoundland farmer is on the lookout for an escaped cow that hopped his farm’s fence last Thursday.

Coco was last spotted on Saturday, two days after she leapt over the fence and escaped the farm in Conception Bay South, 30 kilometres west of St. John’s.

“I’ve had cows for my lifetime and I’ve never had one do that,” said farmer Barry Scott.

He is asking the public not to approach the 450-kilogram black cow as the search continues.

“She’s not a little pup or anything, she’s a fairly big animal,” Scott said.

One man was hurt in a tussle with Coco on Saturday afternoon as he tried to catch her.

Scott was on his way when Coco again evaded capture, and he and his family have been searching for her since.

The large animal may be dangerous when approached in the wild but Scott still hopes he can bring the clever cow home.

Scott said public safety is his biggest concern right now and he’s asking people to call him with Coco’s whereabouts rather than try to apprehend her.

He said putting Coco down is a last resort in case she poses a danger to other people in her travels, but he hopes to bring her back to the barn and calm her down.

Scott said he raised Coco from the time she was a calf.

The family is growing concerned as the days since her last sighting stretch on, but Scott still hopes to bring Coco home to the farm safely.

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