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Cow blind

David Sparks Ph.D.

David Sparks Ph.D.

You know it’s amazing, when you get with a really experienced and knowledgeable hunter, what you can learn. I was talking with Sportsmens spotlight team member TOMMY ALLEN and learned about what I considered a novel approach to stocking antelope. TOMMY was in Wyoming spotting and stocking an antelope herd, when he found himself embedded in a small herd of cows. He used this situation to his advantage.

I’ve talked to one of your hunting partners, Gabe, in the past, and he was used to using a blind for hunting antelope. But apparently this is an all new revelation. You used a cow blind. Yeah. You know, they actually sell cow decoys. Sometimes you can buy or even guys will make a silhouette on cardboard paint it black and use that to stay close to it. But the real deal always seems to work a little better. And it just like I said, it worked out perfectly and you couldn’t have planned it any better. I couldn’t do it again if I tried because there’s no way to get a group of cows in the right spot to hide my cover for that long directly in line with the antelope where the does wouldn’t spot me and where the bucks wouldn’t. The wind was perfect, it just worked out perfect. And I was fortunate to have some nice luck. Great story from a great storyteller. Thanks, Tommy.

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