Gypsy 05 Ombre Maxi Dress

Say goodbye to frumpy and dumpy organic dresses, and hello to sleek, sexy and stylish ones! The Gypsy 05 ombre maxi dress is the must have dress for spring 2009, and yes, it’s organic. Gypsy 05 on it’s own has been one of the hottest new brands to bust on the scene. The label was created in 2005 and calls itself a t shirt line, but gypsy 05 also makes great long maxi dresses, hoodies and sweatshirts as well. Over the past year gypsy 05 has gained a huge celebrity following. Just about every Hollywood startlet has been seen in their organic maxi dress, and now they’ve changed things up and made the maxi even more popular with an ombre print.

For those who didn’t know, ombre is one of the biggest trends for spring. The Gypsy 05 ombre maxi dress is a floor length gown that is light, airy and flattering on the body. Just like the original organic maxi dress, the ombre maxi has twisted straps, a v neck, a low back and empire waist. The main difference is the fact that it’s dip dyed at the hem, so the color fades into a darker shade right around the knee. Too cute!

The Gypsy 05 ombre maxi is so hot that it’s been featured in numerous publications and spotted on some of the most stylish celebrities. Actresses Roselyn Sanchez and Kate Hudson both have the gypsy 05 ombre maxi dress in charcoal, which is light gray and fades into dark gray. Both ladies look amazing in this dress! Kate shows how versatile the dress is by wearing it as a very relaxed look. She paired it with a striped head band, a gray buttonless cardigan, a large black bag, cuff bracelet and strappy sandals. The girl had no make up on and still made it look great. Roselyn Sanchez managed to make the ombre maxi dress a bit more glamorous, while still keeping it a day look. She wore hers with chunky black wooden heels and also a big black bag. The gypsy 05 ombre maxi dress has also been featured in page six magazine.

Source by Kimberly Joy