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As we head into the cooler winter months, most of us will be spending more time inside our homes, which makes winter a great time to re-decorate. Beating the cold winter is all about indulging in cosy textures and warm hues, along with keeping our interior airy and fresh.

We’ve compiled few interior decorating tips to make your home more comfortable and appealing this winter.

Brighten your home with splash of colours: Being inside a colourful and cheery interior could be your best mood lifter in a wintry afternoon! Set off your bland spaces with a touch of woollen throw rugs, a boldly patterned cushion or some jazzy wall hangings, which will give you a warmth in contrast to the nippy exterior.

You can refurbish your house with a touch of Green to get the feel of Nature as we face a shortfall of it during winter. Purple could also be your choice for a touch of elegance and vibrancy. But the foremost would be the warm colours like yellow, orange and red to ditch a bleak winter day.

Cosy up your living rooms: Since the living rooms turn to be a prominent option for gatherings in a cold winter day, make it cosier by rearranging your furniture. If you have a fireplace, pull pieces in towards the centre of the room and face them near the hearth to make a snugly expanse for winter entertainment.

But if you can’t get the fireplace ready in time for the winter , Just use a few candles to usher in a charming warm glow! Flickering candlelight can turn the dreary and freezing winter night into a magical and intimate setting. If the safety of using candles makes you little bit strained, a few exquisite candle lanterns will solve that problem in no time!

Stowing a sheepskin rug or soft blanket in your drawing room’s divan will not only enhance the looks, but keep the guests warm as well. Incorporation of natural elements like bunch of fresh lilies or tulips, pine cones, smooth pebbles or stones give a winsome touch to the living room. Warm metallics such as bronze and copper, faux fur or cow hide rugs, and leather are all on trend for winter decorating. A delightful winter smell such as cinnamon, pine or orange can help to lift your spirits when you walk into your living room.

Make your windows reflective in the winter: Try to intensify the maximum daylight inside your home as sunlight is must for our well being by keeping obstructions away from your window. A mirror could be placed in a decorative display on a blank stretch of wall to reflect light throughout the space.

Wooden shutters are great for winter nights because they help to retain heat and insulate against the cold and most importantly as the winter approaches check your windows and doors for any leaks. The chunky and eye-catching curtains will not only help to keep your rooms warm, but will enhance the tone of the interior as well.

Luxuriate the bedroom: Being in laze seems to be the best time-pass hence bedrooms should be luxuriated to look warm and fuzzy. While your bed could be restful by adding different layers of beddings like quilt covers, comforters or goose down duvets, rest of the room should have a makeover by adding some interesting lighting or covering up the empty corners with some elegant chairs or stylish couches. Well, this is the season when you actually realise that having a small bedroom is not necessarily a bad thing!

Keep your feet warm: Bare wooden or tile floors can be quite unforgiving as winter starts to set in. Add a few lovely area rugs or carpets in bedroom and passageways. Choose the colour and character that suits your style and colour of home. Navajo textile rugs and blankets are perfect for winter, and they give your home a cosy cabin feel. Adding thinner and smaller rugs as a layer of an existing rug will create an appealing visual statement.

Give your interior a woodsy look: Wood has undeniable natural warmth, and adding wooden accessories to your interior will create an inviting look this winter. A few new wooden cabinets, a stylish new dining table, or even a simple coffee table in natural wood should do the trick.

Incorporating one or more of these interior design tips for winter will help you create seasonably stylish home that is sure to feel warm and ready for the family thanks giving dinner and Christmas celebrations as well.

The article has been penned by Shabnam Alam, The Founder and Head Designer of Design Studio, a brand, emerged eminently in the sphere of Interior Designing as a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance.

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