How Do We Protect Our Leather Handbags And Purses?

With the amount of money that women spend every year on either a purse or a handbag special care needs to be given to them to maintain and increase their life and shape.

Did you know that there are ways of taking care of your purses or handbags with simple things you have around the house. Here I will give you inexpensive ways to take care of your handbags by cleaning and storing properly to expand the life of your leather and cloth purse? With these helpful hints you can keep them looking new and fresh for years. We all know about the great products on the market to help us preserve and clean our leather handbags, but in a pinch these little hints are great.

When you change your purse stuff it with tissue paper to help keep its shape. If you are putting away your winter handbags for the spring simply stuff them with your winter gloves and folded scarves. This way you won’t need to search or find a place to store these garments as everything will be together for next winter. Also store them in a breathable bag. (Never use plastic bags to store your leather purses or handbags as leather needs to breath and mold and mildew love to form and grow on things where the air can’t reach thus ruining your handbags). When you need to shine your leather purse some people use the inside of a banana peel; “It really works”. Start by lightly rubbing your purse with the inside of a banana peel to clean then just gently buff with a soft cloth. For a stain on your black or brown purse get the right color of marker to match the color of your article then rub in a few drops of olive oil. This method is great on leather. Has your leather become hard and brittle? Try using olive oil to soften it by rubbing some into the leather with a soft dry clean cloth then tissue off the excess surplus.

Now ladies even our cloth purses need maintenance. We need to wipe them down inside and out on a regular basis as bacteria and mold will find their way onto, and into them. This mold will then get on everything you have inside your handbag. These fabric purses should be stored away in a plastic bag (plastic bags are to be used only for fabric handbags to prevent moths from eating the material.) They too need to be stuffed with tissue paper to help keep their shape.

Remember to never leave any handbag on the floor after all we don’t always go somewhere where the floor is clean including the floor of our car. Let’s stop and think about it for a minute. How clean do we believe the bathroom floor at the restaurant or the bathroom floor in the department store really is? Hmm!!! Without thinking about it we invariably set down our handbag on these floors then proceed to set it on our kitchen table when we get home. By using these simple and good ideas you will keep your purses, handbags, satchels or evening bags in perfect condition for years to come. Want to know more? Contact us at

Source by Nicole Cousineau