Investigators searching for more than 100 head of cattle stolen from ranches in Pryor – KTUL

The thieves only left behind a few clues. A break in a fence near the fair grounds and tire tracks where they loaded the cattle into a trailer. (KTUL)

PRYOR, Okla. (KTUL) — Weeks after prize cattle are shot dead, almost an entire herd is stolen in Mayes County.

Dozens of cattle disappeared overnight in a blink of an eye.

“I can’t believe it. I can’t find the word for it. I just can’t believe it happened,” said Debby Ringling.

Ringling’s cattle are now gone. Twenty-eight missing this week.

“I don’t even know anyone that would be capable of such a thing,” said Ringling.

It’s a mystery that’s emptied her pastures, but she’s not alone.

Her son lost nearly 40 cattle of his own. Together, they’re out more than 67.

“I bet they see this on TV and just bring them back and put them back in the pasture,” said Ringling.

An optimistic approach, but the reality is, this could drastically set Ringling and her business back.

“You don’t really make that much money on cattle these days, but you try,” said Ringling.

The Mayes County Sheriff’s Office says this is the biggest cattle theft they’ve ever investigated, and unfortunately, they don’t have any suspects.

“I have never seen the number of over a hundred head of cattle at one time,” said Captain Rod Howell.

It’s an astounding number for someone to make off with.

Captain Howell believes whoever is responsible, used the nearby county fairgrounds to corral the cattle and haul them off.

“That takes time, that takes resources to get away with something like that,” said Howell.

The thieves only left behind a few clues — a break in a fence near the fair grounds and tire tracks where they loaded the cattle into a trailer.

“Obviously, this is taking away from these families,” said Howell.

Ringling says the worst part is of those cows allegedly stolen, most were calves, not ready to leave their mothers.

“I still really can’t believe it,” said Ringling.

It’s a huge hit to this hardworking rancher.

“Please bring them home or tell us where they are so we can go get them,” said Ringling, hoping her message is heard loud and clear.

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