Mexico Enacts Measures to Save Endangered 'Little Cow' Whales – teleSUR tv HTTPS (press release) (blog)

Mexican authorities are taking serious action to protect the last of the endangered Vaquita Marina whale through fish reservations around the Sea of Cortez.


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With less than 30 left in existence, the vaquita, translated from Spanish means little cow, also known as a cochito, ittle pig, falls prey to poachers for their bladders which are considered a delicacy in the Chinese market.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources announced Friday its plans to finance the construction of three totoaba farms to “prevent illegal trafficking.” On its official site, the ministry detailed its plans to collaborate with the departments of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food and Marina to open the reservations.

An implementation process will be incorporated and fishermen will be offered three months of compensation for their cooperation in supporting the state’s environmental efforts and for avoiding the designated area while the project is underway.

Photo: World Wildlife Fund

Additional changes for the protection of the vaquita marina will be an expansion of a 2015 legislation granting the sea mammal 750 sq km of space and the banning of “ghost networks” which both the state and non-governmental organizations will try to eradicate through the use of 85 acoustic monitoring points.

The state’s department is not taking any more chances, coupling their precautions with additional long-range video surveillance systems, control and mobile communications, digital communications equipment, 14 vessels, 23 vehicles and four aircraft; 177 elements of infantry, 54 of gendarmerie and inspectors of Profepa and Conapesca.

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