Moves to curb cow vigilantes – Easterneye (press release) (subscription)

INDIA’S top court proposed measures last Wednesday (6) to stem what it called grow­ing violence by vigilantes who claim to be protecting cows.

The supreme court was re­sponding to a private petition from Tushar Gandhi, the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

It said state governments should appoint senior police officers tasked specifically with curbing such attacks.

“There should be a planned strategy to stop growing vio­lence in this sphere,” said the judges, headed by India’s chief justice Dipak Misra.

The slaughter of cows and the possession or consump­tion of beef is banned in most Indian states, with some im­posing life sentences for breaking the law.

India has recently seen a spate of horrific lynchings by extremists mostly targeting Muslims, who have histori­cally eaten beef.

The police registered more than three dozen cases in the last two years against vigilan­tes for targeting people who eat beef or work in the meat and leather industries.

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