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CARROLLTON, Ohio (WKBN) – An Ohio girl surprised her school when she brought a cow to class on Friday — all to highlight a growing problem for dairy farmers.

Macey Stevens is a junior at Carrollton High School, southwest of Columbiana County.

When her government teacher assigned the class a project about interest groups, Macey knew exactly which one she wanted to talk about.

She and her partner, Shelby Rhodes, both work on dairy farms.

"The farm is my second home and I love spending time with the cows — it's never a dull moment," Macey said.

Her dad grew up on a dairy farm, too.

"It's become more than a job — it's a lifestyle," she said.

Macey and Shelby know firsthand how the decrease in milk prices affects local farmers. She said people switching over to almond, soy and other nondairy "milks" also hurts the industry.

She and Shelby named their group project "We Farm You Drink" and explained the issues dairy farmers face.

Macey hoped by bringing a cow to class with her, she could bring attention to how much local dairy farmers need support from their communities.

She said her classmates lit up when they saw Buckwheat the cow. The kids, teachers and staff got to pet Buckwheat and take pictures with him.

Even though Buckwheat is a boy and can't be milked, she said he's still a dairy cow and symbolizes the hard work farmers do every day.

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