The Highlight of LV Handbags in 2010 Spring-Summer

If you are a fan of LV handbags, you are destined to be crazy about the 2010 series in the spring and summer. You could see the fashion trend for the LV handbags from the Paris fashion week which the mixture of different materials and colors is becoming the mainstream. The vintage design, fur, and Indian fringed decoration are the design focus of this season. The exaggerated big bags are to maximize the travel function of backpacks and shoulder bags. The gorgeous pink and the bright green of animal fur are perfectly matched each other to show the luxury and leisure.

The single strap shoulder bags show a perfect combination of the transitional colors and animal fur. The bring pink and shinning green bring the breath of spring to you. The designers smartly decorate the fox fur on the side of the handbag so the naughty feel is coming out of it. It is suitable for all clothing so both simple and complicated clothing can be a perfect match.

The rough looking tassels continue to be popular and the leather texture is full of natural flavor. Even the combination of brown leather and tassels, the vintage style is not subsided. The simple elegant design pushes the casual style into the mainstream. Either backpack or single shoulder will make you look smart so the comfortable leisure series will be enriched by the overall style.

The barrel shaped bag is originated from the fashion of fabric and jeans. The barrel bag does not mean that you must go traveling with it because the exaggerated and comfort are the main theme of this season. The soft fabric and the denim texture can bring the natural feeling into your life. The comfortable casual clothing is a perfect choice for this bag.

The super large traveling bag can be your daily accessory this season. The big size is becoming the symbol of unique. Women like carrying the large bag even when they don’t really have that much staff in the bag. The cool clothing will draw attention from others, such as the casual neutral suit.

The classic logo is printed on the fabric in the transitional color and another new style is created by LV. Compared to the above styles, this bag can be easily accepted by most people and is simple to match. The basic rule is that the comfortable clothing and big bag can be a good choice.

The small waist bag can have a complicated design by LV. Once the tassels and fox fur are added as the bag decoration, the personalized elements are attached to show the exquisite. The clothing which can show youthful vigor is highly recommended to match with this handbag.

The Q edition handbag is a perfect example for the retro style. The unique color and fabric of LV do not lose its original unique charm of the noble through the change of shape and also add a sense of beauty. The Indian style decoration for this bag inadvertently raises the aesthetic characteristic. To match well with this bag, you could choose a little dress or dinner dress.

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Embellish Fashion Accessories With Beaded Fringe

Available in dozens of colors, bead styles, and sizes, beaded fringe helps you create instant fashion accessories with very little effort. Sew or glue the strip of beads onto an accessory in need of a little pizazz. The results are instant and spectacular.

Purses and Bags: Fasten a strip of beaded fringe to the bottom of any narrow bag with a handle, and you have an instant 1920s flapper bag. Or a 1960s hippie bag. Cover a small cloth bag with stripe after stripe of beaded fringe for an extra festive look.

Hats: Used with a little restraint, beaded fringe can also embellish hats. Try covering a knit stocking hat with closely spaced rows of beaded fringe for an allover look. Fasten it in place of a traditional ribbon hatband, using a fringe about the same width as the hatband would be.

Belts: A strand of beaded fringe could be worn as a belt, if it were strung securely enough with heavy duty nylon thread. Otherwise, attach one strip, or several, depending on its width, to a belt. Outline a large, openwork metal belt buckle with fringe that has a drop of only two or three beads. Replace belt buckles with a double row of fringe, sewn head to head.

Gloves: Although beaded designs, especially floral and geometric, are popular on both winter and evening gloves, beaded fringe should probably be reserved for use around the edge of the cuff. Formal, elbow-length evening gloves could be embellished with a line of beaded fringe from the tip of the pinky finger to the hem, along the outside of the arm. More substantial, winter leather or knit gloves can be individualized by sewing short strips of fringe across the top of them.

Hair Accessories: Wrap a strand of two- or three-bead drop fringe around a topknot or ponytail. Glue double strands of fringe, their straight edges butted together and centered on a plastic headband. Do the same thing with a long, narrow, metal barrette. Outline a more substantial ponytail or bun holder with fringe. Create your own beaded fringe using elastic and use it solo as a headband or ponytail holder.

Shoes: Imagine a pair of high heels, perfectly good except the heels are scuffed or the leather on them is torn. Cover the heels with beaded fringe wound round and round. Or run a strip along the edge of the shoe. Put a double row along a decorative strap-one that does not insert into a buckle. The beads will not survive the buckling process.

Socks: A single row of dainty beaded fringe at the edge of a pair of ankle socks, the kind you fold over. Use a contrasting color, so the beads stand out. Wear these socks with a pair of very plain pumps, and either capri-length skinny pants or a mini skirt. Darling, and charming. For more pop, sew row after row, close together, along the cuff of the sock. This is good to pair with jeans or something casual.

Although there are dozens, if not hundreds, of styles of pre-made fringe, if you create your own strands, you’ll also create a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory.

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Fringe Handbags Help You to Create a Hippie Style

Though it was in last two years that fringe bags were really a big hit in fashion world, this year, we can still see people who are fond of hippie and bohemian chic style show special preference to this kind of fringe handbags. Incorporated with modern designs and features, fringe bags present the typical hippie look inspired by the fashion of the 60s and 70s but with more modern and voguish style.

There are several types of fringe bags that are particularly hot among others. The first hot choice is a leather shoulder bag with only tassel flap which looks more stylish and modern. You can pair such a bag not only with floral bohemian print long skirts but also cool black biker jackets and edgy leather pants. Another top choice is the shoulder bag with massive tassels. This kind of bag is of typical hippie chic style, reminding people of the crazy time when the young sought for freedom through all kinds of methods including the way they were dressed.

Fringe handbags would look wonderful with peasant tops, skirts, fringe boots, over-sized bracelets and other hippie-chic pieces. People who are good at mixed style can pair this kind of bags with any outfits in an amazing way. When you wear a long check shirt and skinny jeans, you can successfully integrate school style into hippie chic naturally with a fringe bag. If you want to try sweet rural style, then the best outfit should include chiffon floral print dress and peep-toe wedge heels as well as the must-have accessory, a fringe bag.

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Stylish Long Skirts

For an extra smart attire, I encourage that you buy yourself a smart long skirts to add to the fascination of your attire. It will also add tang to your fashion style. There is nothing wrong with owning a long skirt and wearing it. In fact, for those who do not know the secret of having and wearing them, I will drive you into it. Boho skirts are delightfully designed to accentuate legs, waist and curves. Wearing it adds to the flair in a woman, it gives you that Cinderella look that women desire.

Bohemian skirts come in various styles and forms for females. Best style is the tight skirts and the a-line skirts. Tight skirts highlight your curves, shape, and gives an illusion of your legs being long, which is a plus for short women. A flair skirt adds charm to your style. Gypsy skirts are useful for both heavy and slim women, and are better worn with tank tops so that the beauty and features of the skirt shows.

Long skirt can suit any mood, and can be stitched from various cloths and print patterns. There are countless of skirt these days, with various designs and impressive embellishments added to them to spicing up there looks. The various styles of boho skirts are: sequins, beads or even laces. Embroidery work done on these skirts make them look fabulous when worn with sandals.

There are different types of fashionable skirt out there available for women of all kinds like the long denim skirts, sarongs and the gypsy style.

The cotton skirts are hippie style beautifully designed to flatter a woman’s figure and enhance her confidence. This style is a must have for girls. It is a full skirt that serves every occasion, and it is embellish with embroideries, sequins and more.

Sarong are also referred to as wrap around skirts mostly worn at beaches. Sarong is a single piece material that is wrapped around the waist to form a skirt. These wraparounds are beautiful, and they come in several colors to suit your fashion need.

The gypsy skirt is a wonderful ethnic dress that is so in vogue this year, and comes in many colors and print patterns. The gypsy style is a reminiscent of the 70’s look, made to suit your modern style of clothing. A gypsy skirt is better worn with small tank tops or gypsy embroideries to give you that ethnic look you deserve. Exclusive handcrafted accessories are necessary if you really want to pull off the boho chic look.

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Bohemian Clothing – The New Style

The Bohemian style of clothing is a trend in nomadic European and gypsy clothing of the 19th century. It always represents artsy crafty, ethnic and romance. It embraces folk style and expresses a different norm of society in the world.

Bohemian is somebody with an odd lifestyle or a writer who does not live according to the norm of the society. Bohemian design is a radical style. You can have it without spending too much. In the 1950s, it was regarded as a barbaric style because the artists deviate from the conventional style.

There are no strict color patterns that you will follow in having this. Any color can be used. You need to consider that you will use a fabric that is not muted. Anything is accepted in this style of clothing. Accessories are necessary to make it more elegant. Buying expensive one is not essential. Wood accessories can be of great help for you. You can have it in a handcraft shop. It can also be a great idea if you will use metals as long as you are comfortable in using it.

The thought of having this introduces a modification of styles of dressing up in a more comfortable and artistic way. As we all know, it is a trend today to wear skinny and a body fit shirt. Now you can have a bohemian dress for an everyday outfit.

Many would really conclude that it is convenient if you wear this kind of dress because there is no need for you to purchase famous designers clothing. It is just a matter of mixing and matching your street color clothes to a new, personalized and a most fashionable dress.

Bohemian dresses really improve personality and confidence. Those who wear this style feel freed from anxieties. It is the most practical choice you need to have. You can have different hairstyles that would suit your own taste that would also fit your dress.

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Boho Chic, Boho Style – A Fashion Trend that Focuses on Details

Chances are you’re on one side of the fence: you love the Boho style that ruled 2005 or are sick of wearing fashions that make you feel like a newly-eighteen Olsen. The good news is everyone will love what fall and winter fashion has to offer. Fans of the look that made Sienna Miller a fashion icon will definitely love the over-the-top detail that will continue from Boho Chic into fall. Others that never felt comfortable in heavy jewelry, metal-adorned belts and shoes and flowy, diaphanous skirts, the new crop of fashion offers a different approach to rich detail that may make you feel more pulled together than looking like a gypsy.

Bold accessories will remain a staple in every fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe. Sorry Boho Chic haters, belts and boots look like they have staying power along with pendants, over-sized earrings, long chains and drop earrings. They may be staying on the shelves, but stones, feathers and shells that decorated the ears of spring and summer’s hottest fashionistas will be replaced by rhinestone-encrusted chandeliers and delicate drops. The long necklaces paired with the over-stated earrings will morph slightly from heavy, multi-layered, multi-stone piece to a simpler, chic, one-strand accessory. While the length and materials remain the same (gold still the winner), the detail will shift from Boho’s accessories to fall and winter’s fabrics.

Ultra-rich fabrics like lace and brocade are the hottest additions to fall and winter lines. Back-again-black along with gray and purple are the most popular for jaw-dropping dresses, frilly tops and tweed trousers that will line racks and closets everywhere in upcoming months. The feminine, flowy look will still be desirable, but it will be achieved with blouson skirts and culottes instead of sheer, floor-length numbers. If you’re concerned newer more regal fabrics like velvet, lace and tweed will still look make you look more thirties than twenties, you can still look eclectic-chic by matching new pieces with your favorite over-stated Boho belts and jewelry. If you’re still worried about shifting from fun and flirty to dark and serious, mix fabrics to achieve an even more eclectic look: there are NO rules this season about mixing tweeds and velvet or brocades with lace. More than anything, have fun mixing your existing styles with a totally new style to find your personal fit–fall and winter will bring plenty of opportunity to get away with experimenting.

Source by Brenna Cleeland

Gypsy 05 Ombre Maxi Dress

Say goodbye to frumpy and dumpy organic dresses, and hello to sleek, sexy and stylish ones! The Gypsy 05 ombre maxi dress is the must have dress for spring 2009, and yes, it’s organic. Gypsy 05 on it’s own has been one of the hottest new brands to bust on the scene. The label was created in 2005 and calls itself a t shirt line, but gypsy 05 also makes great long maxi dresses, hoodies and sweatshirts as well. Over the past year gypsy 05 has gained a huge celebrity following. Just about every Hollywood startlet has been seen in their organic maxi dress, and now they’ve changed things up and made the maxi even more popular with an ombre print.

For those who didn’t know, ombre is one of the biggest trends for spring. The Gypsy 05 ombre maxi dress is a floor length gown that is light, airy and flattering on the body. Just like the original organic maxi dress, the ombre maxi has twisted straps, a v neck, a low back and empire waist. The main difference is the fact that it’s dip dyed at the hem, so the color fades into a darker shade right around the knee. Too cute!

The Gypsy 05 ombre maxi is so hot that it’s been featured in numerous publications and spotted on some of the most stylish celebrities. Actresses Roselyn Sanchez and Kate Hudson both have the gypsy 05 ombre maxi dress in charcoal, which is light gray and fades into dark gray. Both ladies look amazing in this dress! Kate shows how versatile the dress is by wearing it as a very relaxed look. She paired it with a striped head band, a gray buttonless cardigan, a large black bag, cuff bracelet and strappy sandals. The girl had no make up on and still made it look great. Roselyn Sanchez managed to make the ombre maxi dress a bit more glamorous, while still keeping it a day look. She wore hers with chunky black wooden heels and also a big black bag. The gypsy 05 ombre maxi dress has also been featured in page six magazine.

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Pretty Shiny, Sparkling Kathy Van Zeeland Bags!

I absolutely delight in a new handbag. I like the way they feel in my hands, and the way the colors appeal to my eyes. It is important for the bag to resonate that new quality. I need a new bag not because I am snobby, but because I will be infusing my own energy on it. I usually coordinate my handbag to my mood. Right now, I am carrying a bright green crocheted bag with copper crystal beads adorning it. It is my gypsy look. I have been reading lots of self-help books lately, and walking in the warm sunshine of summer. I feel like a child again, only one who is adorned with more wisdom, like the pretty beads that dangle from my purse. The woven quality of the bag symbolizes the spider web of coincidences that have become the tangle of my life. The colors of the thread are appropriate in an earthy brown color. I feel like I am becoming more connected to myself. The bright green color of the handbag is crocheted in a fine straw, emphasizing my desire to really live my life and enjoy the efforts of my labor. I am a woman with one foot in the ethereal world, and my handbag reflects these good feelings. Kathy Van Zeeland handbags embody this feeling.

I recently received a lovely copper colored Kathy Van Zeeland handbag, and it is really cute and functional. There is a pocket with a heart shaped lock on the face of the bag, a smaller pocket for a cell phone on the right, and a flap on the back that is covered in the design of an elegant alligator’s back. It’s a small bag. I haven’t yet decided where to carry this bag. I don’t venture out on special occasions too often, certainly because of the price of gas, and everything else for that matter. I do look forward to carrying it though. It’s a little too flashy for my afternoon walks, and I certainly don’t want to draw unwanted attention to myself. I can still hear my grandmother’s voice chiding me not to carry bright metallic bags because someone will definitely try to snatch it from me.

Still, this handbag makes me happy. I am beginning to feel like a superstar in it’s presence. It’s one of those handbags that will make you feel like celebrating something, anything. I keep it here on my desk to see and touch it every day. The copper sparkles in the light of my desk lamp. I catch myself daydreaming about the future I look forward to claiming. I think that Kathy Van Zeeland must have been thinking about how happy she would make people who carry her pretty shiny handbags around. They are not cheap, knockoffs. They are the real deal. Lots of pockets and convenient places to store my cash, keys, makeup, and important stuff. I think they capture a certain mystique and magic.

Source by Carmen T. Wilson

Exquisite Boho Clothing

Boho clothing is one of the very few casual yet unique clothing that gives you “that” confident and satisfaction when worn. You can design these clothing to suit your style and taste; you can also mix match to suit your class and color, as this clothing comes in many different colors and patterns.

Boho clothing comes in sizes meant for both male and females, but the woman’s fabric has to be a soft flowing one that makes it look more feminine. All shapes and sizes can wear this fashion trend, and there are sizes for the extremely large woman and clothing for the slim and cute. You will definitely find these clothing in many color that suits you perfectly.

Boho clothing is generally referred to as a woman’s fashion favorite. This fashion style is a popular fashion trend that stands you out anywhere you go with its feminine characteristics. This style gives you that extra fresh confident you deserve and it is a fashion trend that is also referred to as a gypsy trend, street clothing or hippie.

Getting an online store that sells top notch exquisite Boho clothing will require a lot of searching, as there are many stores online that sell one thing and presents to you another. Boho fashion clothing comes in many beautiful designs, colors and patterns, and it will be to your advantage if you shop in a store that knows this clothing like the back of their hands.

A credible store that sells these clothing should sell many beautiful accessories that are meant to compliment the clothing. Boho clothing are worn with accessories that dangle and are flashy, and these accessories include lovely scarves, head bands, fashionable belts, colorful bangles, bandannas, eye catchy necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets, a Boho designed purse, Boho bags and many more.

The accessories mentioned are very essential for a complete Boho look, and one of the best online stores to get your readily available Bohemian apparels and all its essential accessories is an online store called Asrai Style. This stylish Boho clothing store is a store dedicated to satisfying your every fashion need. You can find just about anything and everything you need concerning fashion and style in AsraiStyle online store, and off course all your Bohemian apparel and accessory needs too.

For a more stunning look, and for the best in boho clothing, you will have to shop where I shop. There is nothing more pleasing than to get good value for your money and there is only one store online that I trust completely for best qualities in Boho clothing and accessories, and that store is at Please check it out!

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What Accessories to Wear in the Summer Time

Looking hot when the weather is even hotter is quite a challenge for all fashionable girls. How do you create a great outfit when all you want is to wear as little as possible? The answer is simple and the ladies will love it: accessorize! In summer time, clothes are all about light colors and fabrics, about comfortable simplicity. But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your stylish vibe and settle for an impersonal, moth-eaten look. The good news is that when it comes to summer accessories, this season is all about color and personality.

Shoes are a girl’s best friends, at least when diamonds are out of reach. And never before have shoes been so flashy: all superstar designers have spiced their spring/summer fashion shows with shoes that make the rainbow look humble: electric blue, candy pink, all shades of green, it’s all there. Endless stiletto heels and pumps are the hottest trend and they are an absolute must for glam parties and nights out. Those of you who prefer comfy shoes will be glad to hear that leather sandals and gladiators that mix leather and fabric are still very much in. Another trend that stays with us is the ethnic-hippie look, which in terms of shoes translates into wooden heels and sandals made out of rope.

Purses follow the same colorful trend. Size is less important than ever, though the huge bags in which you can easily fit a truck are not as popular as they were in the last couple of seasons. Middle sized bags, bowling style or with long straps crossed over the chest are compulsory. Yet, a different, opposite trend is emerging: bags in neutral colors, work well for almost all occasions. These are a good idea especially if you go for the rainbow shoes or jewels. Color is great, but the overall impression that your outfit must produce is supposed to be fresh and pleasing to the eye, not reminiscent of an explosion at the paint factory.

Finally, jewels. This is definitely where size does matter. Ant it’s supposed to be big. Massive earrings and necklaces, rings and bangles. They are all huge and meant to make a statement. Now, there are different kinds of statements, agreed. But the fine, barely noticeable little chain and pendant that were once the pinnacle of good taste and refinement would actually seem dated and out of place for young women. The trick to it is choosing just one item to deliver your statement. If you put on a huge necklace, don’t wear any earrings unless the necklace is very long and goes all the way down to your waist. Or you can layer two or three big bangles, but don’t put anything on your other wrist. Belts are still in, but they have lost much in width.

So what kind of outfits allow you to sport such rich and colorful accessories? Simple, neutral, comfortable clothes. Long, gypsy-style dresses and skirts stay with us this summer, but trousers are making a stunning comeback. The model that will best compliment your sassy accessories has a classic cut, neutral colors and is made of a thin, breezy fabric. Get the linen trousers that make everything look good.

Source by Sarah J Jones