How to Choose and Wear Boho Dresses

Boho dresses are the modern forms of bohemian clothing styles that are now made popular by the large numbers of celebrities wearing them. Their colorful look encapsulates the feminine, simple, flair style of gypsies and hippies. these dresses are more of an ethnic clothing because, a good look at their styles is one that shows a blend of various ethnic styles merged together like that of Indian and African prints. Fortunately, authentic Boho dresses can be found easily and inexpensively from a variety of places online and in thrift stores.

Choosing a Boho dress to suit your style and taste can be very easy once you learn the features and rules of the clothing. Boho dresses are very colorful and cheering dresses to own. to have a complete Boho look; you have to ensure that the dress you choose is colorful and bold. In addition, Boho dresses works tremendously well with very flamboyant handmade organic earrings and accessories. You have to blend your Boho dresses with many accessories ranging from necklaces, scarves, belts, bracelets, bandannas and more. You could choose to use all these accessories at once if you want to go all out, but you could also cut down on the loudness by using a scarf, or maybe a belt and definitely earrings, a necklace and bracelets. All these accessories bring out the beauty of the outfit, and builds confidences and grace in the person wearing it.

Boho dresses are so IN this season and is a must have for all women. There are few ways to look at Boho dress and these ways are:

  1. Shop for vintage 70’s dresses; pick out peasant dresses and other staples
  2. Ensure that your clothing has a bold and colorful pattern. To truly have a bohemian look, get different patterns of clothing and pair them together not minding if there color match or clash. Putting together contrasting colored patterns is what makes you real Boho.
  3. Design your dresses with a lot of beautiful beads and fringes to make your dress look richer.
  4. Always layer your dress with other items.
  5. Accessories your dress with vintage accessories or other modern accessories that are designed in a vintage form.
  6. Once you have accessorized your Boho dress with all the necessary jewelries, ensure you wear jeweled shoes or a jeweled decorated flip-flop to make them look casual yet gypsy in style.

As a woman and as a friend, I advise that you find time occasionally to wear a Boho dress because it is good for you, and it calms the nerves.

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Fashion Review – Gucci’s Resort 2009

2009 is a exceptional year for Gucci. Frida Giannini and her team are revealing awesome collections this year, which include every thing from shoes to handbags and from clothes to iTouch cases. The Gucci Resort 2009 Collection especially is looking to be promising, since it brings a combination of hippy and nautical styles to the runway.

The apparel gives off a 1970s vibe, and a few of the stand outs include pale scarf prints, white blouses, and suede jackets. Yes, it appears that gypsy dresses, thigh high smocks, and disco blouses are back, and Giannini quoted Talitha Getty and Jane Birkin as her inspiration for the Resort 2009 Collection.

Obviously, Gucci has a few very elegant appearance nowadays. The colors represent autumn, so expect to see a great deal of Gucci style this fall. Rusted orange, white, and brown are three colors you can expect to see a good deal of in the upcoming months. The models appear as if they’ve actually stepped out of a time machine from the seventies. Even those who ordinarily don’t care much for hippy or disco styles will still find much of the clothes and bags to be appealing.

As for the bags, the 2009 autumn collection is going to be kind of foreseeable. There are some notable exceptions that’ll certainly stand out, including the Sukey Guccissima Leather Tote. The gold logo is embossed attractively on the double-handled leather handbag. It is beautiful, polished, and even on the low-cost side for a Gucci handbag.

Another handbag that will look good this fall is the New Jackie Shoulder Bag. The traditional GG logo looks great adorned in the leather, and the overall pattern is casual, yet attractive. The Guccissima Shoulder Bag in particular looks great with its soft gray color. The gray will look outstanding with just about every thing, especially with many of the new designs coming out this fall.

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Leather Purses and Leather Vests

Handbags and purses and wallets are not a matter of lesser mean. Contains of your purse or wallet is a personal secret but the material used for your purse, wallet or handbag surely attracts the attention of onlooker. So how about possessing a purse that is unique?

Generally, purses are made up of leather and other synthetic materials. Leather purses surely have its advantage over other type of purses. Though these leather purses or wallets and handbags are little expensive it is worth considering durability and look it provides to you.

You will find number of leather purses displayed in the markets. These leather purses are manufactured from leather obtained from animals like, ostrich, pigskin, bucks, lizards and cowhide. Your can find leather purses in many shapes and sizes. Some of these purses are embossed with crocodile, alligator and snakeskin patterns to make it more attractive. Leather purses are available in many colors and many designs. I knew some women who have leather purses suiting their every outfit. Wide choice from different colors, styles and design drives the women crazy about these leather purses and handbags. You will find all sorts of purses matching your outfits, both casual and formal.

French purse, framed clutch, soft clutch credit card purse are some of the popular types of leather purses amongst women.

When it comes to attraction for leather purses men are no exception. However, men are not that much cautious about their leather purses as most of the time their purses are hidden. Still you must be choosy while selecting a purse. Leather purses for men are available in four designs namely Pocket wallet, Bi-fold wallet, tri-fold wallet and breast pocket wallet. Leather purses or wallets are more durable. Mostly leather purses manufactured for men are produced from leather obtained from cowhide. Leather purses possess all qualities of leather like heat and cold resistance, wick away moisture which makes them convenient and comfortable to keep it hidden in pockets.

Like other leather goods leather vests are also gaining popularity. Think of a monsoon trip your friends. If you want to experience the adventure of monsoon you surely will not like to wear a formal outfit. Long trousers and full-sleeved shirt is surely not an appropriate dress for monsoon outing. If you agree with me, leather vests are the best option for you.

These leather vests give you freedom to enjoy your outings without comprising on basic aim of providing protection against weather conditions. Leather vests are manufactured from fine leather. You can find leather vests in many colors, designs and styles. You feel comfortable while wearing these leather vests as these are soft. Leather vests are considered as winter wear as these leather vests are windproof and help you in retaining body heat even during chilling colds. The other advantage of leather vests is that you get in the size and shape that suits you perfectly. The stretchable and moldable quality of leather makes it possible for you to get a leather vest which provides you comfort. Not only this leather vest gives you the protection from weather but it also provides you the cruiser look.

Leather purse and leather vests are the trend of present ear. Leather purse and leather vests are available in many colors, sizes and styles. Leather purse and leather vest add to your personality and displays your attitude and status.

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How to Clean a Leather Purse

There are several materials that are used for making our daily required substances, but the most preferred one is leather. It has been used since the ancient times, when man was not as civilized as he is now; but the preference for leather remains till date. Belts, wallets, purses, bags and various other accessories made of leather are very popular among individuals; however, there is just one problem of the leather getting tarnished very easily. This property of the leather is found to be quite disturbing, and could be considered to be the reason for various people to opt otherwise.

What could be the problem?

There may be several problems with a leather purse, as it gets stained very easily and is really difficult to remove these stains. Even a slight chalk mark on a leather purse may have you work hard, to get rid of it, as it would also make you suffer to remove the food or make up stains. Thus, you must always take note that you keep your bag away from such products, which might cause it any harm.

How to cleanse?

If you are tensed up about the cleansing part, then try to relax a little because if your bag is that badly damaged it cannot be helped, but you can always try.

o The first thing you need to do after you have marked the stain is to try cleaning it as soon as possible. Always make sure that the cleansing material, which you are using, is soft and slightly damp, so that it helps you to cleanse better.

o Do not make use of any household cleansing products on your bag; instead choose one that suits the form of your bag.

o Try not to scrub the bag too hard, as it might lead to tearing of certain regions which may need stitching again.

o Better of to check out the cleanser first, at a corner, to make out if there are any discolorations with the leather.

o Once you have gone through the entire process and the stain is removed, make sure that you recondition the material, as it would help it to last longer.

o If there are any metal attachments, make sure that while polishing them, you do not let the leather come in contact with the polish.

If these methods are followed, then the leather purses can be maintained for longer durations as though they had been brought until recently. They should be taken care of, as they are precious to you and add another feather to your style statement.

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B Makowsky Designer Handbags – Quality Bags at Affordable Prices

If you have been searching for that perfect designer handbag, you might want to consider a B. Makowsky bag. Designed by Bruce Makowsky and his wife Kathy Van Zeeland in 2006, these bags have the reputation of offering timeless fashion. Crafted with luxurious, soft leather and signature lining, these bags are every woman’s dream come true.

Offering a sophisticated look and feel, the B. Makowsky handbag is made with the finest Japanese drum dyed leather, hand crafted and detailed hardware and loads of zippers and pockets.

You can find a bag in virtually any color including black, brown, aqua, denim, red, ivory and tangerine. Some designs you will find include the Berlin Handheld Satchel, Lisbon Hobo, Lisbon Shoulder Bag, Croco ball Tote and the Oslo Dome Satchel to name only a small list.You can find any of the B. Makowsky handbags at major department and specialty stores such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Searching and buying online is your better bet if you are after some great deals. Prices typically range from $200 to $300 for these quality handbags; however, the Internet will offer you deals as lows as $95.

To care for your B. Makowsky handbag and ensure to preserve its quality leather, Makowsky recommends that you use a leather conditioner on it for cleaning it, polishing and protecting it. Make sure the conditioner contains no oils as this can trap dirt and leave stains on the leather. If you need to remove any dirt, you can simply wipe it away with a soft, damp washcloth.

Any woman who has a B. Makowsky handbag should feel blessed to have it hanging from her shoulders. You will even find celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Celine Dion carrying one of these elegant bags. You do not need to look any further than your own computer to get your hands on one of these luxurious bags.

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Italian Leather Handbags

Most companies design and create Italian leather handbags with high quality Italian top calf leather and crocodile and ostrich leather. Italian leather handbags are scratch resistant, durable and lightweight. Available in different colors, Italian leather handbags have their own unique style. Skilled designers come up with new, fresh designs every season. Handmade Italian leather handbags are also available, which are noted for their workmanship.

In Italy, handbag factories usually comprise a small handful of people who specialize in particular areas of handbag making. Italian manufacturers give great importance to providing maximum comfort for the users. So, these bags are light and easy on your back and shoulders. These bags are meant to be used and are also beautiful pieces of artwork.

The vast range of Italian handbags include classic leather handbags, fashionable leather handbags, original leather bags, soft leather handbags, leather bags with long adjustable straps and leather handbags with fashionable accessories. Classic leather handbags are characterized by clean lines which impart a refined look. Fashionable leather handbags are suitable for trendy women. Original leather handbags breathe feminine elegance. Soft leather handbags are beautiful both to the eye and to the touch and those with long adjustable straps allow you to carry them comfortably. Most leather handbags have magnetic closures.

Most Italian leather handbags have two or more interior compartments. They also have one or more interior zippered pockets and one or more outside snap pockets. The inside features of some bags include cell phone holder, business card holder and zippered inside back pockets. Zippered front pockets, double rolled leather handles or double adjustable wooden handles, and beautiful nylon or cotton lining are the attractive characteristics of these bags.

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How Do We Protect Our Leather Handbags And Purses?

With the amount of money that women spend every year on either a purse or a handbag special care needs to be given to them to maintain and increase their life and shape.

Did you know that there are ways of taking care of your purses or handbags with simple things you have around the house. Here I will give you inexpensive ways to take care of your handbags by cleaning and storing properly to expand the life of your leather and cloth purse? With these helpful hints you can keep them looking new and fresh for years. We all know about the great products on the market to help us preserve and clean our leather handbags, but in a pinch these little hints are great.

When you change your purse stuff it with tissue paper to help keep its shape. If you are putting away your winter handbags for the spring simply stuff them with your winter gloves and folded scarves. This way you won’t need to search or find a place to store these garments as everything will be together for next winter. Also store them in a breathable bag. (Never use plastic bags to store your leather purses or handbags as leather needs to breath and mold and mildew love to form and grow on things where the air can’t reach thus ruining your handbags). When you need to shine your leather purse some people use the inside of a banana peel; “It really works”. Start by lightly rubbing your purse with the inside of a banana peel to clean then just gently buff with a soft cloth. For a stain on your black or brown purse get the right color of marker to match the color of your article then rub in a few drops of olive oil. This method is great on leather. Has your leather become hard and brittle? Try using olive oil to soften it by rubbing some into the leather with a soft dry clean cloth then tissue off the excess surplus.

Now ladies even our cloth purses need maintenance. We need to wipe them down inside and out on a regular basis as bacteria and mold will find their way onto, and into them. This mold will then get on everything you have inside your handbag. These fabric purses should be stored away in a plastic bag (plastic bags are to be used only for fabric handbags to prevent moths from eating the material.) They too need to be stuffed with tissue paper to help keep their shape.

Remember to never leave any handbag on the floor after all we don’t always go somewhere where the floor is clean including the floor of our car. Let’s stop and think about it for a minute. How clean do we believe the bathroom floor at the restaurant or the bathroom floor in the department store really is? Hmm!!! Without thinking about it we invariably set down our handbag on these floors then proceed to set it on our kitchen table when we get home. By using these simple and good ideas you will keep your purses, handbags, satchels or evening bags in perfect condition for years to come. Want to know more? Contact us at

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How to Clean Ostrich Leather Handbags

Ostrich is a soft and exquisite leather distinguished by its pattern of quill. It’s also one of the toughest, but most pliable of the exotic leathers. Full of natural oils, ostrich leather handbags have a high resistance to drying, cracking and stiffness. This is not a license to get careless with them, however. There are some specific guidelines that need to be followed in the care and cleaning of ostrich leather. When cared for properly, ostrich leather handbags can last a lifetime.

  • Ostrich leather handbags don’t require a lot of maintenance to keep them in good shape. But there are some things that you should avoid at all costs.
  • Don’t use any soaps or solvents on the leather. Ostrich leather doesn’t have a heavy finish like other exotic skins such as alligator or crocodile, so there isn’t much protecting it.
  • This is okay. The leather’s natural oils keep it soft and well conditioned. The oils from your hands will also help condition the leather, adding to its natural sheen. Ostrich leather handbags are known to improve in appearance over time.
  • It’s resiliency to drying and cracking protect it from the elements, but certain steps should be taken to prevent extended exposure to moisture and especially direct sunlight.
  • Because ostrich leather finishes are generally transparent, sunlight can cause the leather to fade over time.
  • Ideally, you’ll want to clean your purse at least bi-monthly.
  • To remove moisture, simply wipe off with a clean, dry cloth.
  • To remove stains, all you need to do is wipe it off using a clean, damp cotton cloth (not wet). Remove stains immediately so they don’t have time to set in.
  • Let the purse dry naturally, indoors. Don’t dry it in direct sunlight or with a hair dryer. If it got soaked in the rain, you can use a small fan. Be sure to wedge it open and turn it regularly so it dries evenly.
  • Don’t use any cleaners or conditioners for conventional leathers or other exotic leathers. We have heard of ostrich-specific products, but we haven’t tested any yet, so we can’t recommend them. We will be testing them in the future on our website.
  • For greasy stains, sprinkle a light layer of talcum powder onto the soiled area and let it sit for an hour. Brush it off using a clean, dry cloth. Don’t use brushes or paper as these can scratch the surface.
  • Ostrich leather should be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • It should also be covered in its box or dust bag to prevent dust from settling on its surface.
  • Don’t fold or stress the purse in any way. Allow it to rest naturally, with plenty of space and nothing sitting on top of it, pressing it under its weight.
  • Tuck the strap inside, especially if there’s a chain or hardware on it. This will prevent it from scratching the leather.
  • Simply protecting ostrich leather handbags from the elements, not allowing stains to set and wiping off dust periodically will keep them in great shape.

Every stylish woman should add an ostrich leather handbag to her collection. The soft, supple leather feels gorgeous to your touch and the delicate pattern of the quill follicles is incredibly chic. It confers an air of sophistication and quality and though more expensive than most other exotic skins, it’s an investment that really does last for years. Ostrich leather handbags have been known to become family heirlooms, being passed on from one generation to the next. Understanding and caring regularly for your purse can give you a lifetime of happy memories and add to your stylish image.

Source by Alexandra Maria D

Erda Leather – Soft Deerskin Leather Handbags and Accessories

The leather products made by Erda are some of the most respected products in the industry. Erda is a well-established company in the leather goods business and one of the reasons is because of the soft deerskin products that they offer to consumers. Their products are also handmade so shoppers can be assured that they are purchasing quality products that are also durable. Erda Leather also specializes in selling their products at wholesale prices because much of the leather they use is acquired as leftovers from larger and more expensive companies. As a result, Erda is able to supply its customers with a variety of quality styles and products.

Erda offers many styles of handbags and other leather goods that are sure to fit your practical and style needs. The Flip Flap leather bag is ideal for many ladies because it is essentially two bags in one. It has one large flap that covers the main storage compartment of the bag, but there is also a zipper on the flap which makes that into a storage area, too. The inside of the main storage compartment also has two interior pockets to help you organize your daily essentials.

In addition to traditional styles, Erda Leather also offers leather bags that have unique shapes and sizes that will definitely be the talk of everybody you encounter. The Half Moon Bag is shaped like a half moon. It has a natural curve to it that truly resembles the appearance of a half moon. For women who are looking for a small yet practical daily leather bag, this is an ideal option. It has a slip back pocket for more convenient storage of your essentials. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry it in the way that is most comfortable for you. The Funny Pack is another uniquely shaped leather bag. It, too, is spacious so you can carry everything you need throughout the day. The Funny Pack also has a storage compartment for your cell phone and you can carry it as a shoulder bag if that is more convenient for you.

Erda does not only offer quality leather bags, though. This well-respected company also offers a line of quality leather accessories for customers to choose from. You can get a stylish and practical leather checkbook cover made out of some of the softest deerskin on the market. These checkbook covers include slots for credit card storage, a pen holder, and a clear ID window to make writing a check for your purchases a hassle-free process. You can also get a leather-bound journal or CD holder through Erda to help make your life easier while the deerskin leather adds a sense of sophistication.

Erda Leather provides a wide-array of products and styles to help satisfy even the most sophisticated leather goods consumer. In addition to all of their products, they are also known for the variety of colors that they offer for their products. Consumers can choose between eight different colors for their leather goods in most cases, including acorn, dark brown, pecan, black, cream, rust, purple, and red. With all of these choices and quality products, it is no wonder that Erda Leather is a leader in the leather goods industry.

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