Anya Hindmarch Fuchsia Pink Calf Leather Quintin Shoulder Bag

Handbags for spring and summers of course come in soft, lightweight as well as vibrant styles. Now it is time to throw away the dreary shades of autumn and winter, to try some happy bright colors on your arms. My Anya Hindmarch aficionados, you probably cannot wait to know what she has bought for us. Firstly, I would like to introduce an Anya Hindmarch Handbag coming in my favorite pink color, named Fuchsia Pink Calf Leather Quintin Shoulder Bag.

This bag is coated in the soft grain leather, a young hide, with a smooth and regular surface. And the calf is treated with a vegetable tannage to maintain the pink color on the leather without influencing the natural characteristics of the raw material, thus you need not to worry about its quality and it surely an enduring yet vibrant purse. With the ornament of a long leather tassel detailing the front of the bag and pale gold hardware enhancing its beauty, this purse manages to present us freshness as well as sumptuousness.

In addition, holding the measurement of 33x24x10 cm, this Anya Hindmarch Fuchsia Pink Calf Leather Quintin Shoulder Bag is a soft and slouchy everyday carryall. Comfortably worn on the shoulder for chic boho elegance, the soft grain leather will wear well, becoming suppler and attractively distressed as its ages. Belongings are securely kept closed with a zip at the top while a zipped pocket is designed on the back of the bag. So if you love it, just purchase it at the price of £450.

Source by Nevin Tracy

The Latest Style in Leather Handbags

It can make or break a woman’s entire look. If chosen incorrectly it can mean disapproving head turns instead of envious stares. Whether for a formal or informal occasion, day or night, it must be appropriate to the activity as well as the ensemble chosen. A purse helps define a woman; even those who reject the importance portray an image through their decided act of the abandoning fashion in favor of function. A purse is not simply a small piece of luggage or a large wallet. It represents one of the central components of a woman’s portrayal of her fashion sense as well as her lifestyle and interests.

Carrying a large bag often indicates a woman on the go, needing to always bring a bit of her world with her as she goes about her busy day. A small clutch shows a more carefree, whimsical attitude, with no need for functional practicality.  A beaded or silk bag can signal attendance of a formal event, while a cotton tote likely indicates a day of errands. A boldly patterned or brightly colored bag often shows an artistic or adventurous side. Those who opt for a simple tried-and-true black piece give off an air of chic, classic elegance.   Stitching and metalwork can mean the difference between a bag appearing expensive and luxurious, and it looking cheap and poorly constructed. Obvious label marks of course also can show different styles and price points. Structure or lack thereof is another major indicator of a woman’s personal style. There are numerous details that together determine the overall effect of a woman’s handbag. These various characteristics come together to define a purse, and consequently to dictate where, when, and by whom it should truly be worn. A purse in itself divulges a significant amount of information about its owner. Yet its appropriateness to the outfit selected and the occasion attended are just as significant in determining the final effect. A beautiful day tote can look entirely wrong and out of place if worn to an evening event or with a dressy ensemble. Similarly a beautiful crystal encrusted silk clutch can look cheapened and just wrong when worn with a pair of informal flats or on an errand to the supermarket. 

For some women it can be quite the daunting task to properly select the numerous characteristics that must come together to equate to an appropriate and well chosen handbag.   Yet as the weather gets colder, many women are looking for this year’s new winter leather handbag. Luckily, there are some simple rules that will help any woman to determine the best option for her next handbag purchase.   One of the central rules governing all handbag purchases is to ensure that the leather used is of high quality. It is important that the leather be supple, soft, and of course, genuine. Good leather handbags will be made of quality calfskin and will appear smooth and luxurious. It is important when making a handbag purchase, to ensure that the leather will be elegant looking. Given that most leather purses have less detailing, the quality of the material of which they are composed is of the utmost importance. Differences in leather quality can make the difference between the appearance of Milan and that of China.  

While in years past, women have tried again and again to save a bit of money through purchasing faux leather products. Yet these purchases invariably turn out to be a major mistake. The stitching quickly frays and the detailing often becomes haggard looking in just a short period. Thus the alternative to leather turns out to be not only unfashionable, but also uneconomical as women are forced to purchase a replacement. When purchasing a new leather handbag this winter it is thus important to first ensure that the leather is both real and of high quality.

Another cardinal rule for leather handbag shopping is to search for styles that will be both trendy and classic. A well chosen bag should both reflect modern design innovations, and simultaneously give an air of timeless beauty. Great bags are a product of their times, but they are also able to be enjoyed for all time. As a high-quality leather handbag is durable enough to last a lifetime, it is always a good idea to ensure that the purchase of a great piece can be enjoyed by generations of girls in the family to come. Who doesn’t love the thrill of coming across one of grandma’s great vintage bags? Handbags are not merely fashion, they are art, and they should be enjoyed and passed on in the same way. 

What then is the right style choice for today’s shopper? Truthfully there is no answer. Every woman should find a style to suit her own daily needs and to reflect her own personality. A great purse should enhance the woman, not overpower her. What is so great about today’s handbag style is that it incorporates many of the beautiful design trends of decades past and, as a result, there is a wide array of choices available in structure and color.   As the boho-chic trend continues to captivate American and western European fashion audiences, slouchy hobo bags continue to be one good option for those looking for a more laid-back look. However, there is a growing trend towards more structured bags. These represent a particularly nice option for leather handbags, and they showcase the beauty of leather in a sophisticated and elegant manner. Boxy and rectangular bags are the main focus of many of today’s leading designers. Purses are tending towards a monochromatic look, rather than combinations of leather colors and types as was experimented with in years past.

While the shape and color of a leather handbag are important, another central consideration is the strap type. Most of today’s designers are continuing to utilize short, thick straps that either fit over the lower arm or the shoulder. Those that can be worn over the shoulder are great for daywear, and those strictly for the lower arm present an elegant, chic option. Many designers are also now fusing the two potential strap choices, and creating bags with moderately short straps that can be worn over the shoulder or on the lower arm. Finally, when choosing the next winter leather handbag, it is important to consider detailing that will be trendy and showcase one’s individual style. This year bags are continuing with a trend of general simplicity, with a bit of feminine detailing. Many bags have small bows or ties to create an interesting, delicate look without appearing too high-maintenance or showy. Whatever the details one chooses, it is important to remember that a well-chosen leather handbag in today’s society is one that is simultaneously trendy, personal, and classic.

Source by Sam D Goddard

Lucky Hobo Bag – List of Hot Selling Hobo Bags From Lucky Brands

When searching for a Lucky Hobo bag, shoppers may have one specific name or look in mind, or they may want to browse to check out what sorts of looks and styles can be found. I can tell you that the different bags range from “Boho” styles that are seriously stylish to more traditional looks – and there are quite a number of different bags to choose from.

Here is a list of the hot selling hobo style bags from Lucky Brands:

Leather Hobo Bags – As one might expect, these bags range from slouch styles to stash bags, and can be found in quite a number of sizes for different women’s needs. The colors for these bags include everything from bright and bold to warmer and traditional colors. Also included in this category of bags are styles that include patch bags, Boho styles and more.

Patchwork Hobos – Here is a fun category of bags and again these range broadly in looks and design. The most popular of these bags appears to be the “Diana Boho” hobo, a conglomeration of different fabrics, designs and colors. Personally a patchwork bag would not fit my own personal preferences but these are most definitely an exception – they’re gorgeous and perfect for ladies who have a desire for a more “earthy” or Bohemian style.

Theodora Hobo Bag – This specific bag seems to be looked for specifically than any other single style of bag in this lineup. It can be found in either leather or suede versions and also has a sort of Boho appeal to it, complete with “peace” charms. My favorite color with this bag is the “Bourbon” leather which is a darker shade of brown with just a hint of red.

Even though the list of Lucky Hobo Bag styles above are the most popular there are actually quite a number of different bags to choose from – sure to match just about any woman’s tastes and needs.

Source by Tonya Brisnehan

Cheap Leather Laptop Bags – Look Stylish For Less

A leather laptop bag is a strong laptop bag that can give your precious laptop the protection it needs. It should repel moisture, be tear resistant and protect your laptop against cold, wind and heat. People love leather bags because they make you look stylish and gives you a touch of class and elegance.

There are, different types of leather that exist on the market nowadays, but because of high-technology many fake leathers can also be found. It’s hard to determine real leather from fake; however the authentic one can withstand everyday wear and tear. Soft leather is less strong but it doesn’t mean that hard leather can’t be damaged. No matter what you choose you need to take care of it.

There are lots of stylish leather colors to choose from but the most common and most popular will be the color black. This is due to the simple reason that black looks good when matched with almost any colors. So you don’t need to worry if the color of your laptop bag suits the color of your dress or clothes.

No matter how durable leather can be, it still has its weaknesses and one of these is damaged from sharp metal parts. Metal can pierce through it and may give your laptop an ugly scratch. Here are some other tips when you go shopping for that cheap leather laptop bag.

  • Know what style, color and size you want. Then go look around or shop online. The advantage to shopping online is that you don’t have to spend time going from store to store. The disadvantage is you can only see product pictures and there can be a big difference when you are looking at a picture and when you can actually touch it. You won’t know for sure if your laptop will fit perfectly.
  • If you decide to shop online then you have to compare the prices of your desired leather style bag and chose the bag you want and make sure it is good for your laptop. Also only buy from sites that are reliable and are reputable to make sure you don’t get scammed.
  • If you decide not to buy online then go around to local stores and write down the prices and compare them. Then decide what you will buy.
  • After you have decided and you are ready to buy bring your laptop with you so you could try it on to see if it fits, it should not be too loose or to tight.

Today searching for cheap laptop accessories over the net or in your state is easy. But you should be careful so you will get what your moneys worth when buying cheap leather laptop bags.

Source by Ian E. Wright

Leather Backpacks – Ins and Outs

In ancient time our civilization had not developed synthetic fabrics like we do it today. At that time leather was a precious material and used for clothes, bags, belts and like commodities. Among them leather backpacks were sturdier than other fabrics used. Till today it is consider as a heavy duty and tear resistance material. Leather is fashionable as well as versatile substance to create backpacks for an avid camper, hunters or lovers to hike.

Here are some pros and cons to owe leather backpacks in compare to other materials:


Leather backpacks prove low quality when it is poorly constructed and it is untreated for withstand against the damages done by water. It gets shrink if it got wet. However, these all disadvantages may over come by strict quality controls and proper usage of the latest technology.


The greatest advantage of using leather is its durability. Leather has been used for a variety of products mainly due to its durability.

Types of backpacks

It has been observed that market has both standard size of leather backpacks as well as custom sized one. Smaller size of backpacks are useful for lunch, keys, cell phones, wallet, checkbooks, etc. whilst larger leather backpacks can house these smaller items in a zippered or buttoned compartment built into the backpack itself.

Leather backpacks are designed for men and women keeping in mind the style preferences for each. They can be either soft or hard leather, containing smaller compartments for different uses. Leather is the preferred material of choice for many and some are as follows:

College leather backpacks

The common type and heavily used leather backpacks among the masses.

Children leather backpacks

Who doesn’t remember the times we’ve spent carrying one on our backs on our way to school? After college backpacks this kind of backpacks are most in use.

Camping Backpacks

Camping backpacks are probably the most common type of backpacks. There are a deluxe camping backpack with a weight balancing system and spring loaded suspension. It is used when you are at a long weekend away from home and want to carry all your camping gear on your back.

Hiking backpacks

Hiking is a fun activity for the new generation and need proper instruments. For instance your gear, food water, and all the essential things to keep live yourself when you are miles away from the civilization on a mountain trail. Therefore, you need especially made hiking leather backpacks.

Laptop leather backpacks

The leather laptop backpack allows you to have your laptop around whenever needed without straining your arms.

Motorcycle leather backpacks

Used during bike riding as it is not advisable to carry luggage on you back instead of place it on the back of the bike.

Dog backpacks

All dog lovers out there wanting the best for their trusted pets and friends, a dog backpack is just a useful way to carry stuff around

Some tips on packing a backpack

– Packing your heavy items at the top will pull you backwards – packing your heavy items near the base will drag you downwards. Therefore ensure that your heavy items are packed relatively in the middle to balance the weight.

– Pack spare of the moment items or items you will require often in easy-to-access side pockets. If it starts raining, you don’t want to have to unpack everything to get to your raincoat.

– Roll up your mattress and carry it outside of your pack. You can also use your mattress as a buffer between sharp cornered items and your back.

– Use your pots to protect delicate items such as cameras etc.

– Store any fuel upright and away from food incase there is a spillage.

Source by Chad R Fisher

Leather Handbag – Nothing Compares to a Leather Handbag

The love for leather extends all the way back to the earliest of times and both men and women love the feel of leather. Even though there are many that oppose using animals for products, leather handbags are still very popular as a fashion accessory. The only more popular item are shoes. Qualitt leather handbags are in high demand all over the globe and they have become their own fashion statement for many women in the world.

Everybody looks good in a leather handbag

Even men have become open to the idea of using and wearing a leather handbag. Most of them are created for women, but there are plenty that are made for men as well. Handbags can add an elegant touch to any outfit and leather handbags have a great look of style and a wonderful feel to them as well. They also will go with just about any outfit you wear.

Most of the time a leather handbag will not come by itself. Usually the leather is combine with other materials like denim, corduroy, or nylon. They are also fitted with key rings, wallets, and other accessories to match the bag. The handbag ends up being of high quality and will help make anybody look good.

If you were to take two women and put them next to each other, with pretty much equal social status and beauty, then gave one of them a leather handbag and the other one that is made of a different material, most people would assume that the one with the leather handbag was of a higher social class and they would think she looks more attractive as well.

The bottom line is that leather handbags are a great addition to any wardrobe and can really make you look elegant and beautiful.

Source by Benjamin Robert Ehinger

Leather Bags

Bags may be made from different types of leather such as cow hides, snake skin, crocodile skin, alligator skin, stingray skin, kangaroo skin, fish skin etc. These leather bags are of good quality, smooth, good color tan and a richness look. They are durable, lasting, simple and easy to maintain. A leather bag gives you a classical touch when you hold it or hang it on your shoulder. Bags of other material will never give you the extra look and care as that of leather bags. Various printed leather bags are also available in the market. These printed types are used as a copy of genuine leather bags. The prices of these bags are reasonable.

Wind and rain are the main enemies of leather goods. But today, there are many ways to protect them from wind and rain. Leather bags need extra care and protection which can extend their life with you gracefully. Makeup sets, foods, or any other oil-based products inside these bags may stain them. When you are not using the leather bag; it can be stored in a protective cloth container instead of plastic container. Plastic container reduces the original finish and color of the leather bags. Clean the leather bags with a soft clammy cloth and to maintain the shining of your leather bag use a branded leather shiner.

These leather bags are considered a symbol of fashion for both men and women, more importantly, the women. A leather bag has an important place in the wardrobe and is considered an international rage in the fashion world.

Various types of leather bags are available in the market ranging from traveler bags to office folders or laptop bags. They come in various colors like brown, black and gray colors but traditionally it is black. A leather bag may be used for both personal and professional occasions especially for your travel plans. It is multifunctional with laptop inserts, cell phone holders and file folders.

Source by Marcus Peterson

Leather Briefcase – Your Office in a Bag

Nothing screams elegance like good quality leather. The quintessential marks of success are good leather briefcases. In the days of old, leather briefcases were mainly used to carry legal briefs to court. Now, however, they exude quality and professionalism, and have since significantly evolved into a status symbol.

The Evolution of the Briefcase

Leather briefcases were originally designed after the limp satchels of the 14th century. These satchels were used to carry money and valuables. In 1826, a Frenchman named Godillot designed the first hinged iron frame of leather briefcases. Subsequently, the Gladstone and the oval-topped Rosebury followed suit. These made way for the popular metal-framed leather briefcases that open like laptops.

The essential tools of business have undergone drastic changes through the years. Not to be left behind, so have leather briefcases. What used to be just paper-friendly compartments and exteriors now include special compartments for gadgets while still retaining paper space. Large flaps are usually featured, designed to give the leather briefcases a more streamlined look by concealing the gadget pouches.

A Workdesk in a Bag

Leather briefcases not only carry your important documents, they can also hold cellular phones, handheld computers, laptops, computer disks, business cards, and many more. Leather briefcases now come with handles and shoulder straps for added mobility. In short, leather briefcases can be a mobile workdesk. Leather briefcases even have new names such as man bags, saddlebags, and messenger bags.

Though soft leather briefcases with shoulder straps have replaced the more traditional hard rectangular cases, businessmen and corporate executives can still make waves by choosing leather briefcases of supple, stylish leather. Soft leather briefcases contribute to easier packing and expanding. What’s more, they project a friendlier image.

Choosing Perfection

Black remains to be the color of choice for professionals, though people are starting to lean towards more casual and creative colors. Brown and gray are appropriate for both casual and formal occasions.

Designer colors, like mustard and cranberry, are perfect for the imaginative professional. Remember that the briefcase you choose does not only reflect the industry you’re affiliated with, but also your own unique personality.

When choosing leather briefcases, you need to consider its structure. Make a list of the items you intend to carry and determine the structure that you need. If you will lug around computer equipment or papers that need to lie flat, choose a briefcase designed for protection. On the other hand, if you will be carrying irregularly shaped items, such as personal items or snacks, you need leather briefcases with less structure, in order to comfortably accommodate these items.

Another thing you should consider is the style of your leather briefcases. You can choose to have handles, straps, or even both. As a professional, you need to present a polished and perfectly pulled together appearance. Consider what you normally wear and determine if your leather briefcases blend in perfectly.

Lastly, consider the leather briefcases’ compartments. Don’t be compartment-greedy. Choose only the briefcase with the compartments that you’ll use. Too many specialized compartments are a waste of space and money. Larger pouches are always more versatile.

With so many leather briefcases to choose from, finding the perfect one is like making a new friend. You’ll find your attachment growing as time passes. With their natural dyes, leather briefcases become richer and more beautiful as they age. You’ll find that you can’t go anywhere without one. With leather briefcases, you can carry your office wherever you go.

Source by Bradlley Mckoy

Coach Leather Bags

Leather has always fascinated the likes of those who love to appear stylish. It has been in fashion ever since it’s inception in the consumer centric market. If we take the example of typical leather bag, especially Coach Leather Bags, then our search narrows down to an elite group of products which are made from the finest quality of leather and are in sync with the latest in fashion. The renowned Coach Leather Bags are made to last for a long time and are available at well to do prices.

If we talk of quality, then a typical Coach Leather Bags is fairly durable in nature and is often considered long lasting purchase. So, over here, you are actually investing in a product that could last you a lifetime, but at the end of the day, it all depends on how you used it. When we talk of durability, then we need not worry, for the leather bags from Coach are simply one amongst the best.

It should be noted that the Coach Leather Bags are always in sync with the latest trends in the market and regular effort is made to fine tune them in accordance to the latest trends. This means that the shapes and sizes are altered on a regular basis, while the other nitty-gritty’s which are required to bring them up to the mark with the latest trends are carried forward from time to time. So out here, the end result is a bag which is both chic and stylish.

The color combinations in a typical Coach Leather Bags are fine tuned in accordance to the consumer’s expectations and are in sync with what market wants to see. In simple words, if the consumer wishes to see a white, then he would get a white and not a purple. The color combinations are chosen with care and they seldom fail to attract the likes of those who wish to carry an elegant piece of stylish leather.

While manufacturing a typical Coach bag, great care is taken to ensure that the design and patterns remain in sync with the latest trends. At the same time, the bags here are made to suit all occasions. For example, you can use the same bag that you take to your office, to a casual birthday bash as well.

Source by Kevin Jonny Smith

Celebrity Trends in Bags For the 2009 Season

How is a girl to keep up with the hottest trends in bags for the 2009 season? It depends, of course, on whether we are talking summer or winter season. It also depends heavily on what the stars and celebs are carrying. Why? Because divas and celebrities know just what to carry and, depending on the season, occasion, and outfit, when to carry it.

Nicole Richie prefers Hermes, and particularly the Hermes Birkin bag. While not the signature orange Hermes is known for, this bag is a little darker in orange color but does still carry the typical Hermes hardware in gold and the same leather features. Don’t plan on rushing out and grabbing up these bags in various colors just yet, though. One of these alone costs about $17,000.00.

Another bag that is making headlines this season is Yves Saint Laurent’s Muse, and many stars still carry it on their arm from last season. The younger, starlet-type stars seem to prefer this bag, the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton and Kate Moss. This bag is such a classic it is not likely to be leaving the fashion scenes any time soon.

Although lots of celebs are into designing their own bags these days, these same celebrities would not be caught dead actually carrying one of their own knock-off designer bags on their arm! Jessica Simpson, for example, has an extensive line of handbags but is spotted this season with her black and grey Goyard bag, which are probably ten times what she charges for her own designs. Not only that, but her Goyard has been seen monogrammed with her initials so you know she feels pretty attached to it!

Always popular in Europe and new to the States in the last couple years is the line by Gerard Darel. Hayden Panettiere and Katherine Heigl are proud owners as is Angelina Jolie. The sweater knit satchel by Gerard Darel, which is a casual bag and available at Neiman Marcus, is one of the favorites and has been for a season or two. It is surprisingly affordable and comes in at around $400.00.

The Andrea Brueckner Tierney City bag is still popular and still seen being carried by the beautiful Jessica Alba not at a black tie ball, but simply walking down the street. As the name implies, however casual, this bag is much more chic and citified than the above mentioned sweater bag. It is a fairly large bag and more like a tote, running at about $700.

As for other large bags in style this season, the Louis Vuitton travel duffels are all the rage lately. Kim Kardashian seems to like the Louis Vuitton Graffiti Keepall 50, which is from the Stephen Sprouse collection. It comes in a bright fuchsia to match her flamboyant personality and also comes in orange and neon green. Kanye West travels a bit heavier with his Louis Vuitton Keepall 55, which is in camouflage and also pretty tough not to spot at the airport! These travel bags cost about $2500.00 apiece, depending on the style and collection.

Angelina Jolie with her whole brood is still keen on the Mommy & Me Bags, although she has been seen carrying sleeker and more sophisticated styles to match her updated look this year. Jennifer Garner has also been seen wearing the braided leather bag from the collection in patent red, which runs about $1700. The little ones have matching bags to wear right along with them, but they are not quite as pricey.

The whole cowboy look has finally gone out of fashion, which should make most of us pretty happy. With it, we can say goodbye to the saddle bags, although bags with fringes are still in vogue and have been seen on the likes of hot rising stars like Vanessa Hudgens. Specifically, the JJ Winters fringe bag is a hot item and she prefers it for a number of different outfits. Most recently she has been spotted wearing the grey suede version. This bag is fairly reasonable in the $300.00 to $400.00 range.

Bags with top handles are still trendy this season, as classic ladylike bags will never go out of fashion. In fact, most likely due to the recent election, ladylike is very “in” this year! Michelle Obama being a perfect model of elegance and grace, many celebrities are following suit and carrying petite, feminine yet stately bags. Think Chanel, think Christian Dior, just think elegant and graceful! We can thank the popularity of the First Lady for bringing this to the forefront of fashion.

The bags being seen thus far really haven’t been too definitive as far as being a summer or winter type bag. They are all fairly easily transferred between seasons. Of course, no one can predict what the stars will bring, or what will be carried on their arms as the year progresses.

Source by Megan Hazel