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Although millions of Americans are now under government orders to shelter in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, one Virginia cow must have missed the memo. WKTR reported that the animal caused temporary holdups on highway I-64 in Chesapeake, Virginia, while local police and fire rescue were called try to guide her off the road. The cow managed to run about one mile before law enforcement managed to corral her.

The local fire department later announced the bovine runaway didn’t originate from a local farm, but had actually fallen (or intentionally jumped?) out of a livestock trailer. When law enforcement finally caught up to the cow, they led her to safety with a tow strap. She has since been reunited with its owner.

The most wild part? The captured fugitive is completely uninjured, and you can see her in all her glory below. Zoom in on her face and you’ll see she has no regret for her actions.

Chesapeake Cow now joins an impressive history of cattle who dared to go where few farm animals have gone before: sprinting down America’s highways, probably very confused, but ultimately having a good time. This history includes the 89 cows who were set loose when a tractor trailer tipped over near Atlanta in 2018 and the bull that had a standoff with Queens police in 2017.

Although this courageous Virginian legend was captured after only an hour of freedom, I hope she remembers what it felt like. Like all cows (and farmers!), she provides a vital service keeping people fed, which we can appreciate even more now that we’re seeing empty shelves in grocery stores around the world. I salute her efforts and wish her the best of luck in escaping again in the future.

An American folk hero for the modern era.
Original photo from @ChesapeakeFire on Twitter.

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