Wild video shows cow chased to its death in Home Depot parking lot – New York Post

This cow was dead meat.

A wild video shows the moment a slaughterhouse employee slit an escaped cow’s throat outside a Connecticut Home Depot.

Dashcam footage of the high “steaks” chase shows the employee pursuing the young cow, killing it — then leaving it to writhe on the pavement next to the store in Bloomfield.

The bloody rodeo began when the calf escaped from the neighboring Saba meat store, which keeps livestock on site, and hoofed it through the Home Depot parking lot, according to NBC Connecticut.

Saba employee Badr Musaed ran after the creature with a foot-long knife, and was joined by Andy Morrison — a contractor working on the meat shop’s construction, who happened to have a bow and arrow and fired one shot, missing the moo-ving target, the station reported.

cow being chased
The cow was chased through a Home Depot before its gory death.Bloomfield Police Department

In the video, Musaed can be seen from several yards away slitting the cow’s throat — much to the dismay of police officers and other onlookers.

Afterwards, a cop could be heard telling Musaed he has beef with the way the animal was killed, according to NBC.

men killing cow
A group of men ganged up on the escaped cow.Bloomfield Police Department

“This is not something that can be done,” the officer says. “You guys get, like, you get a leash … this kid here just watched you slit a cow’s throat.”

A worker at Saba declined to comment to The Post about the incident Friday.

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